Friday, June 1, 2012

Bento: Taking It Easy

Good morning!
I cheated with lunch today, as I'm feeling pretty lazy this morning. My breakfast was even mostly pre-made: yogurt, oj, oatmeal and a cinnemon muffin.

I made muffins yesterday so they're showing up everywhere. I brought a few to share with co-workers so at least I can share the delicious wealth with others.

Cheater, cheater (pecan) eater.
I had a coupon for Tyson's Ready to Grill chicken, so I purchased some to have to throw into stuff right from the freezer, to the skillet, to my belly. I ate one before I tossed it on my salad and they're A+. Then I toasted some pecans and sliced fruit and wham-o, cheater lunch.

Lunch is a simple toasted pecan with chicken salad, Special K bar, Granola bar, cinnemon muffin and grapes and strawberries. I need to use up my strawberries FAST since they're going to be going bad.

I'm really excited because the weekend of the 16th South Windsor has a strawberry festival! I hope to take lots of pictures and post them here.

Anyway, happy bentoing!

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