About Me

When I was a child I was the pickiest eater you could imagine. My mother had to tell me everything was chicken, I hated milk and I refused to eat my veggies.

But as an adult, my tastes matured. I love trying new foods (most of the time), I barely eat meat anymore and I really, really love veggies. Like, adore them.

So this blog is my journey through trying new thing, new products and restaurants. I'll throw in my product reviews from time to time and also maybe some exercise routines.

So down to basics: I'm 27, I live Brooklyn and I'm ten thousand things. My heart is set on cooking, and I'm working towards living that dream.

Kumari and Azura want you to know they aren't available for comment, unless it's snark.
Thanks for joining me in my journey, and thanks for reading!


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