Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bento: Breakfast!

I don't know about you, but I find breakfast to be the most comforting meal of my day. I have a set morning routine: Wake up, have a  bowl of cereal, fruit and orange juice, and read blogs each morning before work. It's a nice break from rushing about and the alone time is always nice.
So today I put together a breakfast bento for lunch tomorrow!
It's has turkey sausages, mini pancakes, fried potatoes, scrambled egg, french toast (leftovers), and a fruit medley of kiwi, strawberry and grapes. I love fruit with breakfast, do you?

Do you SEE these noms?!
So as you can see I've been using my Chinese take-out containers instead of bento boxes. I've realized most of the boxes I have are *Far* too small for the amount of fruit I try to shove into them, so I need to get some new boxes soon!

I'll proably head over to Ohayo Bento and get some new boxes soon. But for now, take out trays ahoy!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to Bento

After a long hiatus and some things going on in my personal life, I'm glad to be back to doing bento!

Tomorrow's lunch is a bit of leftovers and very...green! I didn't even realize it until looking at the picture here. I even used a green silicone cupcake holder. Must be the summer getting to me.

Anywho, tomorrow's bento is egg fried rice w/ veggie, with some octodogs, tuna cakes, sauteed bok choy, steamed broccoli, hard boiled egg and a strawberry. It's nearly time for farmer's markets here in Connecticut and I'm really excited!

Also below the picture of my bento are some photos of my Monday night special "nerd" dinner with the boyfriend. :) He set up our computers, food and candles so we could eat while playing on our computers. He's so adorable!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to having a normal lunch!

Alright, so maybe I cheated on this lunch quite a bit. It doesn't mean it wasn't tasty, though! Top left has a salad of hard boiled egg, bacon, cucumber and salad greens. Right top has a sliced kiwi and some strawberries. Bottom has a bologna on rye sandwich, sliced apples, Quaker yogurt bar and Special K bar. The bars are for when I'm a bit peckish during the day. They help a lot when I need a snack at work! Hopefully I'll be cooking again soon. We'll see when that happens!