Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BENTO: Stir fry simplicity

Oh goodness it's been a LONG time! Life has been a bit all over the place: I moved from Brooklyn, NY to South Windsor, Connecticut and started a new job. Then the boyfriend, some of his friends and I had a road trip to Arkansas for a wedding. It was a very, very crazy time for me and I'm honestly glad to be home and relaxing! The wedding was lovely, however. If I get some photos up I'll post them as an aside ;) Anyway, onto my simple bento for today!

This simple bento was just a chicken with bell pepper stir fry with rice, hard boiled egg, and strawberries and kiwi slices. The bowl to the side contained an extra snack to eat during my manager's meeting of strawberries and kiwi. I can eat as much fruit as I want without feeling guilty about it!

My new co-workers were delighted with my bento. I showed them some other pictures and they loved the idea! Though one co-worker did comment that I ate too healthy because it made her feel bad :P Maybe my bento will inspire her to eat better! I know posting my lunch keeps me on the healthier side. And after all that fast food we ate during the road trip I need a detox!

And oops, you can see my bento stuff in the background! My sauce fish are mostly visible. I love those little guys!

Anyway, hope everyone has a grand week! I hope to get back into the swing of things :)

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