Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bento: Sandwiches and fruit galore

Good evening! (Night, actually...) I had a rough day today, and was glad to have such a substantial bento for lunch today. I didn't get to eat until around 3pm! Not going to be making the mistake of having early breakfast on my late day again. Silly Mande.

Anyway this bento was thrown together (again) the morning... so sorry for the hasty pictures! But at least the lighting is much better in my kitchen in the mid-morning hours than at night.

The top half is a simple array of tuna sandwich w/ lettuce roll ups on a bed of romaine lettuce. Next to that are terrible apple bunnies nomming on some cucumbers. I'm a bit paranoid about using my knife today as I cut myself pretty badly chopping veggies for soup last night. So minimal knife work for me today.

I just didn't have the time this morning to make everything cut all cute, so I put some colourful picks on the food! It held the kiwi in place quite nicely, I must say. Here we have grapes, kiwi slices over some red bell peppers, a hard boiled egg and some blanched asparagus.

All in all it was a delicious lunch! I finished it up again with some SkinnyCow ice cream and relaxed in my break room watching the Food Network!

This weekend I'm heading to Connecticut to see some very lovely friends. I've already packed my bento for lunch tomorrow, and made one to eat on the train on the way up there. I'll post those when I get back.

I hope you enjoyed!


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