Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday Dinners, Weight Watchers and 2012!

Whew! I better blow the dust off my blog!

So 2012 has started off pretty well. I have a wonderful boyfriend, a job I like and life is just nice in general. It's so different being in Connecticut rather than Brooklyn, but I must say I'm pretty pleased with how things are here.

The only downside to moving to Connecticut is that my walking has been almost all cut out. Aside from the running around I do at work on a daily basis, I don't do the same walking that I had time for in NYC. An hour lunch break makes a huge difference when you're trying to eat and be active during your only free time.

So I've gained a lot of weight in a small amount of time! Last week I decided to join Weight Watchers, and tomorrow is my first weight in! I'm a bit nervous but I think I've stayed the same if not lost a little bit. I hope I haven't gained.

I've found that my bento are barely ANY points! I finally found quail eggs here and that's 0 points (compared to 2 points for a hard boiled egg), plus all the fruits and most of the veggies are 0 points as well. I haven't thought to take a picture but I'll snap one of my lunch on Wednesday.

I did snap a photo of what I made tonight, though! Tex Mex Chicken with Zucchini. YUM!

Boyfriend has been working Sundays lately, and it kinda sucks to be frank. We work opposite shifts so the rare occasion we can eat dinner together is always special. I've decided that Sunday dinners are especially important.

While boyfriend works I make dinner (Weight Watchers meals now!) and have it ready and hot when he gets home. It's nice to play housewife sometimes ;) We sit at the kitchen table (which never gets used except for Sunday dinner and Dungeons and Dragons) and discuss the week and watch some television. It's a nice time and it's important family time that we need together.

So enough gush about this stuff. I hope to start posting my bentos again this coming week and that I get great news when I weight myself tomorrow!

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