Sunday, February 26, 2012

Start of a loooong month bento!

So Monday marks the start of a month of a six-day work week. With Weight Watchers, I'm going to be needing to bring my lunch even more so than I did before. Instead of bringing in large portions of take-away food or anything like that, I'll be bringing in some of my WW cooked meal mixed with 0 point food or Power Foods! It's a good thing I find all this stuff delicious!

I wanted to make quinoa to put into this bento, but I have a ton of leftover basmati rice from when boyfriend and I went for Indian food on Friday. So Mondays bento is Tex-Mex Chicken [w/ zucchini], basmati rice, strawberries, and a salad garnished with a quail egg and homemade whole-wheat croutons.

I'm looking forward to posting more of my bentos for this week. I hope holding myself accountable here will help!

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